Saturday, 13 July 2013

OK! I'm Reloaded!

Bloody hell has it been so long? Almost 2 fracking years..time to lock load and reboot sweethearts! There have been so many changes in the time since I have been back here, but finally here I am, making my way back and detailing the little things and big things that I feel the need to share.
So I kick off the hiatus with a recipe, a real quickie…let’s call it Chananigan’s Hey There

Chananigan’s Hey There – A Summer cocktail

4 lemons
2 limes
A healthy bunch of Mint
Sugar or honey to taste
¾ litre cold water
Vodka or White Rum


  • Cut and squeeze the lemons and limes and add to a jug
  • Take a good 6 leaves of mint and crush them – if using sugar, crush with a pestle and mortar with the mint in the sugar, kinda like a mojito!
  • Add the mint sugar or honey as you see fit – All tastes are different so put in enough to sweeten but not overpower. Thing to remember with sugar is you can always add but it’s really hard to take away.
  • Then add the water to about ¾ full and stir
  • Crushing the mint releases the flavour and so infuses the mix. This is where you may need to add more of your preferred sweetener, you may even find that the taste is too tart, so add water and sugar gradually and mint if you like it more minty until you have achieved the taste that you like.
  • Optional – Add some heavy dashes of white rum or vodka for that kick!
  • Serve with plenty of ice cubes
  • Enjoy!

I made a batch of this last week and took it to my awesome friend’s BBQ and with the vodka, it was a huge success. Drink it in the Autumn to mourn the loss of summer.

So summer has finally arrived! In terms of this blog I began doing this as a strictly recipe and craft oriented exercise, but along the way so many things happened that forced me to re-evaluate and one of the things that bugged me and probably led to my long hiatus was that I was putting it into a box. Why the hell was I doing that when it is something that I don’t like being done to me. So this blog will detail, basically what the hell I feel!

It will cover food and fun and creativity and gaming and food and geeky things and projects…I guess what I am saying is that from now on, this will be a much more accurate reflection of what the hell is going on in my little part of Terra Firma!

I aim to misbehave…you’re damn right!

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